DJ, Marlon Flohr, and producer, Ralph van Hilst, who together form Bassjackers, are perfectly in sync as a duo. Their opposing personalities – Marlon being the wild one rocking each and every stage they play and Ralph the more cool and collective preferring to shine behind the scene on the producer seat, are a perfect combination for this unique one dj-one producer collaboration.


Once upon a time two spacemen named Crossnaders abandoned their ship which was attacked by an unknown army of black armed siths. The Crossnaders landed on earth as their hiding place and tried to communicate to their home planet Akimbo. After several months this signal was picked up by NASA. They translated the signals into audio waveforms and discovered electronic rhythmic pieces of music. NASA still couldn’t find the main source of the signals which makes the Crossnaders still undiscovered and still hiding on planet earth waiting for their rescue and their return to planet Akimbo.


Introducing the new benchmark in beat cooking: Hälder. Hälder offers up fresh baked beats from the field by combining a full spoon of unique vibey sounds with half a cup of infectious grooves and a dash of crazy rhythms.

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